OSMO Active Hydration: Blackberry Review


OSMO Nutrition has successfully engineered an active hydration supplement based entirely on how the body absorbs nutrients and fluids.  Their studies show that electrolyte and nutrient absorption is optimized by using natural and organic ingredients in their active hydration mixes.  Simply stated:  The hydration mix is designed to make sure you don’t get thirsty.

I took several packs of single serve OSMO Active Hydration: Blackberry on a recent group ride.  I figured the only way to really test this stuff was to make sure I was pushing myself to an optimal level of performance.  The ride was three hours long across 70 miles and approximately 6,000 feet of climbing.  It began at Exit 2 on Route 9W, went to Bear Mountain, and back.  I packed some OSMO, my favorite gel blocks, a power bar, and some bananas.

As a skeptic at first, I wondered: “What can this really do for me?”  I was happy to see the product actually delivers.  Needless to say, my body felt great during and after the ride.  I did not experience any bonking or cramping, and with each sip from my water bottle, I felt my quench for thirst relieved.  I immediately became a believer.

The single serving packets I had been given were extremely convenient and easy to use with a 16oz water bottle (rip the packet, pour it in, shake it up).  I later purchased the 14.1oz  container and have been using it on every ride since.  Each 16oz water bottle only requires two scoops of the mix. I was astonished that the mix was also cost-effective.  Furthermore, it was very easy on the stomach and had a great taste.  My legs hurt from the miles of climbing, however, I did not once experience any cramping or fatigue.  The supplemental hydration mix certainly helps ensure a positive riding experience.


“Established Science”

Enve Composite 27.2, 25MM Setback Seat Post Review

The new Enve Composite seat post is probably one of the best looking seat posts on the market.  Designed for both road and off-road applications, the one-piece, strong, carbon design showcases form, function, and beauty.  It seems all Enve seat posts are elegant, have ample adjustment options, are easy on the eyes, and comfortable on your ride.  They come in various diameters (27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm, or 34.9mm), at a length of 400mm, with a zero or 25mm setback.  The 27.2mm, 25mm setback we have tested today weighs in at 198 grams uncut and retails for $279.

Don’t let the price sway you!  There is no doubt that this seat post is expensive, however, the versatility cannot be matched.  All Enve seat posts can be configured with standard or oversize rails, installation or adjustments are simple, and the strong pedaling platform ensures you feel secure with your bike while pedaling.  Out of the box, the Enve Composite comes assembled with standard rail hardware and a bag of 10×7 wedges for oversize saddles.  I used the oversize rail wedges for my Selle Italia Carbon on my Lynsky and the installation was not a problem.  Adjustments were also easy and can be done with one hand.  Check out the following video courtesy of Enve Composite for saddle and post installation instructions:

On the trail, the 25mm setback is just enough to give me the leverage needed for an excellent transfer of power while seated.  The slightly curved construction simply looks gorgeous – it truly was love at first ride.  Check out the pictures below: 

Multiple views of seat post

Multiple views of the post with saddle attached

Hardware bag


Close-up View of Clamp

Weight: 198 Grams


The Beast in the Wild