SRAM QuickView Mount Review

Just stopped by my local shop and picked up a SRAM QuickView Mount for the Garmin Edge.  I just wanted briefly let everyone know that it was not a wasted purchase.  Sure, the proprietary mount worked fine last year, however, I was simply in the mood for something new without breaking the bank.  This thing is sleek, lightweight, and holds your Garmin Edge 200, 500, 510, 800, or 810 devices securely in place.  The position of the unit allows for easy viewing while riding.

Front of Packaging
Back of Packaging

Installation was a joke (as with most handlebar components) and the purchase only made my pockets about $20.00 lighter.  Unfortunately, there are no adapters included so if your bar is smaller or larger than the standard 31.8mm you may run into a problem.

Weight on Scale

As a barfly owner, I do have to say I like them equally.  However, at the price differential (about $40.00 for the bar fly), you really cannot go wrong with the QuickView.  And at about the same weight, the comparison really is a no brainer.

Alternate Mounted View

Alternate Mounted View