BarFly 2.0 Mount Review

Okay, what can we say – we are gear junkies.

All Three Mounts

The SRAM quickview, BarFly 1.0, and BarFly 2.0

BarFly’s new 2.0 Garmin mount is more aerodynamic and now supports the latest Di2/EPS junction boxes in comparison to its older cousin from years prior.  Specifically, there is a space designed at the bottom of the mount to attach the junction box to.  The mount itself sits level with your stem, instead of above or below, in an effort to reduce any extra drag.  Additionally, the mount offers two mounting positions and compatibility with two different computer sizes (the 200/500 and the 510/800/810).

Junction box

On the downside, the 2.0 is still slightly heavier than the SRAM quick mount and the previous BarFly generation.  However, if you are running Di2 or EPS, the BarFly 2.0 is a must have for junction box installation.


20 Grams