Light and Motion Urban 700 Review

Daylight savings time is finally here and the sun is sure to set by 5PM on the East Coast.  A good bicycle headlight is not only needed for visibility, but also a big factor in safety.  The Light and Motion Urban 700 was able to provide both while commuting. It also pushed out enough light to visit some backwoods trails.


Bicycle lights have come a long way since their inception as carbide lamps powered by acetylene gas.  They are now small, powerful, and affordable. The Light and Motion Urban 700 is rechargeable and projects 700 lumens of light at a wider angle than most other manufacturers.  The unit comes equipped with amber lights on each side of the headlamp so you can easily be seen from the side; one can say it is perfectly designed for city riding.  Weighing only 119 grams, the light boasts a run time of 1 hour 30 minutes at 700 lumens and double that at 300 lumens.


The rubber mounting system is simple and user friendly.  All you have to do is stretch the rubber band around your handlebar and lock it on the light around the other side.  It can fit any size handlebar and stays attached to the light so it does not take up any space on the bar while riding during the day.  A surprising feature was that the light can be spun a full 360 degrees while mounted so you are in ultimate control of where you want your light to shine.

The Light and Motion Urban 700 retails for $159, but you are sure to find some great deals at fairly lower prices during lighting season.  It comes equipped with USB recharging cable and helmet mount. Get seen and be seen!


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